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Foreigners visiting the Principality of Andorra do not need a visa. Please note that Andorra is not part of the Schengen area. People entering Europe on a Schengen visa should therefore make sure that their visa entitles them to repeated visits to prevent them from being refused entry to Spain or France following a stay in Andorra.
This section contains information about Andorra Visa policies and requirements. If you are an adult : a valid passport or identity card. Children accompanied by their parents need either: . a valid passport . a valid identity card . to be registered in one of their parents' passports. Unaccompanied children must be able to show : . an authorization that they may leave their country of origin (to be obtained from the municipal authorities) . and a valid passport or identity card. If you bring pets with you, you must have a recent health and vaccination certificate. Andorra does not require a visa for ANY nationality. However, given that to arrive in Andorra you have to go through France or/and Spain, it is important for the non-resident of the Schengen zone to know if they need a visa to enter and leave the Schengen countries.

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