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Australian Investor Visa

Australian Investor Visa:

 Migration to Australia under the Australian State/Territory Investor visa category is open to applicants who have had a successful history of business or investment activity and wish to emigrate to Australia to use these skills. There are several qualifying criteria for this visa subclass and these are outlined below.

    Duration :  The initial four year provisional State/Territory Investor visa subclass can lead to Australian permanent residence.

    Eligibility Criteria     Age: The main Australian business visa applicant must be under the age of 55 at the time of lodging an Australian visa application.

    Business Experience :

 To qualify for the Australian State/Territory Investor visa the following requirements must be satisfied. An applicant:

? Must have had an overall successful business career or history of eligible investment activity. ? Must have personal and business net assets with a value of A$1,125,000 for the two fiscal years immediately before the application is made. ? For at least 1 of the 5 fiscal years prior to application must have had direct management in a qualifying business with an ownership interest of at least 10% of the total value of the business, or has maintained direct involvement in managing eligible investments with a value of at least A$750,000. ? Must have made a Designated Investment of A$750,000 before the grant of the visa.

? Must have at least 3 years experience of directly managing one or more qualifying business(es) or eligible investments with a high level of management skill Must have sufficient net assets to settle in Australia.

? Must have sponsorship by an Australian State or Territory Government.

    Additional Information:

Migration to Australia on a State/Territory Investor visa is based on the criteria outlined above. The overall requirements are subject to change and are dependent on decisions made by the DIMIA. A visasinfo consultant will advise on relevant changes to this category upon initial consultation.Visiting AustraliaForeign embassies in Australia

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