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Dominica Visa Information:
Dominica: Dominica is an English-speaking developing Caribbean island nation. The tourism industry in is the early stages of development; first-class tourist facilities are limited, but medium-range facilities are widely available.

Entry Requirements

Immigration officials require most visitors to Dominica to present a valid passport on arrival. All need to show a return ticket. Canadian citizens can show documents certifying proof of citizenship that also bears a photograph, and French nationals can stay for up to two weeks by presenting a valid identification card. Visitors coming from a specified list of countries, who intend to stay for 21 days or less, do not require a visa.  
Nationalities that Require No Pre-approval to Enter Dominica for up to 21 Days
Argentina Belgium Costa Rica Denmark France Germany Greece Ireland Israel Italy Japan Luxembourg Malta Mexico Netherlands Norway Portugal South Korea Spain Sweden Taiwan United Kingdom United States Venezuela
Please note that the following nationalities do now require visas: China, India, Nigeria. Click here for Dominica Visa Information
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