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 The emergence of Basotho as a nation occurred around 1818 when King Moshoeshoe (1786-1870) formed alliances with an amalgam of clans and chiefdoms of southern Sotho people who occupied the area which is presently the Northern and Eastern Free State and Western Lesotho from about 1400 AD.
VISA APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS *   The application form should be carefully completed in the applicant’s own handwriting. The following documents must be produced before consideration can be given to the application.
  1. Valid passport or travel document with a visa for transit or re-entry into the Republic of South Africa where applicable.
  2. One passport-size photograph.
  3. Copy of the ticket or itinerary.
  4. If you apply by mail, please provide a pre-paid, self addressed return envelope (e.g. Certified / Registered Mail, Federal Express, DHL, etc)
*    The issued visa does not absolve the holder from compliance with the Immigration Regulations, neither does it guarantee admission. *    A vaccination certificate is required from visitors coming from countries where cholera or yellow fever is endemic. *    Application for work permits should be made in Lesotho within the first (30) days. *    Visitors planning to extend their stay must apply in advance to: DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION SERVICES P.O. BOX 363 MASERU, 100 LESOTHO SOUTHERN AFRICA TEL: (266) 22322187 VISA PROCESSING FEES: $ 30.00 Single Entry    *** cash, money orders or company checks (personal checks are not accepted). *** PROCESSING TIME: Two (2) business days. APPLICATION FOR A NEW PASSPORT: Passport application forms must be filled at the Embassy.  One (1) passport size photo.  Passport fee is M75.00 (Maloti).  The new passport is good for ten (10) years. EMERGENCY TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Emergency travel documents are issued in lieu of lost or invalid passports.  The fee is M200.00 (Maloti). FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: EMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF LESOTHO 2511 MASSACHUSETTS AVE., NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20008 TEL: (202) 797-5533 FAX:  (202) 234-6815 E-MAIL: Click here for Lesotho Visa Information  
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