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Mexico Visa Information:
 Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country about three times the size of Texas, consisting of 31 states and one federal district.  The capital is Mexico City.  Mexico has a rapidly developing economy, ranked by the World Bank as the twelfth largest in the world.  The climate ranges from tropical to desert, and the terrain consists of coastal lowlands, central high plateaus, and mountains of up to 18,000 feet.
Tourist Visa to travel to Mexico  Fill out the Visa Application form, available at the Consulate.  Apply at this Consulate General in person from 8:00 am to 11:45 am Monday to Friday (click here for the Consulate's Location)    Valid passport in original and one photocopy of the pages containing personal information, photograph of bearer and expiration date/extensions;  Valid US visa for multiple entries; at least with 3 months of validity at the time of your filing and one photocopy  Valid I-94 and/or I-20 Form in original and one photocopy;   Financial records (the last three months of your bank statements, pay stubs, international credit card statements and the actual credit card) with one photocopy  Airplane ticket to Mexico (round trip) or confirmation letter of reservation, or return travel tickets (showing that the person is going to leave Mexico) and one photocopy Click here for Maxico Visa Information
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