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Australia Travel Tips to Discover the Hidden Gems 

Australia is a land most suitable for outdoor activities due to its moderate temperature and enthralling atmosphere. Another thrilling feature about the land is that there are several hidden gems. After spending some time in Australia people always had a regret that they couldn’t fully utilize their time and energy and most of them aren’t aware of the secret gems. Here are a few places that one must visit while wandering in Australia, some places are so gorgeous to visit yet they are still not captured by the camera can be termed as secret ornaments and locals are keeping these to themselves. A few of these locations are discussed below.
While planning for spending vacations in Australia, one must have planned to visit Ayers Rock, Sydney beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef. Yet, places like Corridor Avenue won’t be ever on the list. The most famous thing about the place is that the food there tastes perfect, the cafes as the places are blessed with every type of dessert in the world from just a cup of pure coffee to the most expensive beer in the world. It is one of the hidden gems of the land.
Spending an evening sitting beside seashore and watching the sunset is the most romantic occasion. Having a walk on Coogee coast would be a great idea. The scenic views of the place look more enchanting when viewed from the cliff edge. As a precautionary measure, you must reach the place at some suitable time as the area is hilly.
One of the finest beaches in Australia can be found towards the north of the region. Among the several natural beauties of the place, two beaches named as Whale Beach and Palm Beach are most spectacular. There is a hotel beside the Whales Beach named Jonah’s though the hotel is quite costly, yet the sights from the very place are stunning and one must give it shot depending upon the budget.
The Tasmanian state itself is a hidden gem still not captured by a camera yet there are a few places in the area which are totally neglected by the tourist because they hadn’t had a vague notion about the place. The place is the most beautiful and scenic place of the region. Some say it as the heaven in the world. The two most enchanting places of the area are Cradle Mountain and Wine Glass Bay. The sand in these areas is pure white and there does not seem any boundary between the water and sand. The waters of the land royal blue indicating how pure they are. To gain maximum benefit from these areas, one must keep at least 3-4 days spare. A walk beside Bay of Fires would also remain memorable for the whole life.
Australia is a land having a variety of places to visit, numerous foods to taste and multiple drinks to engulf. After returning from Australia, most people have a regret that they can’t fully avail the opportunity.
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