Australian | Visit Visa

Australian | Visit Visa

Australian | Visit Visa

Australia Visit Visa | Subclass 600 | Overview | Eligibility | Documents Required | Fees | Stay Duration | Australia, legally the Commonwealth of Questionnaire, is an Oceanian nation comprising the mainland on the Australian continent. It is the world’s sixth-largest country by means of total area. Neighboring nations include Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea on the north; the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on the north-east; and New Zealand on the south-east.

1. Overview of Australian Visit Visa:
If you are foreign national and desperate to enter Australia then must obtain a visa.

1.1 Visa Exemption:
You do not need Visa to arrive in Australia If,
? You are citizen of one in the 36 eVisitor or 9 Electric Travel Authority (ETA) eligible nations around the world.
? You are a citizen of New Zealand, beneath Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement.

Note: Besides the citizens of 45 eVisitor and ETA eligible countries and also the citizens of New Zealand who ought to apply for a Visitor visa, the citizens of most other countries except 18 ineligible ones may make an application for the Visitor visa online.

1.2 Citizens of these countries need to apply at the nearest Australian consular office or Australian Visa Application Centres (run by VFS Global)

2. Eligibility for Visit Visa of Australia:

To Visit Australia,
? You must be a Citizen of a Country
? You must have Valid passport of your Country.
? You must Be in Good State of Health.
? You must have Money for your Entire Stay.
? You must have Good reputation.
? You must not posses Danger for the Citizens of Australia.

3. Documents required for Australian Visit Visa:
You must have the Following Documents to Enter Australia:
? Your Valid passport of your Country.
? Your Valid Visa of Australia.
? Signed Incoming Passenger Card, including health and character declaration.

Other Acceptable travel documents
A small number of Visitors may have other types of travel documents which are also acceptable for travel to Australia. Holders of these documents will in most cases also require a visa.

The travel documents must be issued by a recognized authority and be acceptable for travel to Australia. The document must have a photograph of the bearer and provide the holder with a re-entry authority to the country of issue, or an entry authority to another country.

Acceptable travel documents are:
1. Document of Identity
2. Certificate of Identity
3. Document for Travel To Australia – DFTTA
4. Laissez Passer
5. Convention Travel Document
6. Documents issued to refugees
7. ‘Kinderausweis’ issued to German minors – photo of bearer not required
8. Military documents for military personnel travelling by air

4. Stay Duration on Visit Visa:
On the Australian Visit Visa ( Sub Class 600 ) you can stay up to 12 Months in Australia.

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