Work Visa Guide

Work Visa Guide

Work Visa Guide

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Work in Canada

The Canadian government has various work programs to allow international Migrants to work legally. Millions of Foreign skilled workers come every year to work in Canada on Temporary Work Permits.

Would you like to gain valuable Work Experience in Canada? If Yes, then Read this Article.

1. Over View of Canadian Work Permit

You need Work permit to Work  in Canada If:

? You want to Earn in Canada,

?  You are not the Citizen of Exempted Countries,

? You have offer of employment from a Canadian Employer

Work Permit Exemptions:

2. Eligibility for Canadian Work Permit

To Get  Canadian Work Permit,

? You must have Visit Visa of Canada

? You must be in Good Health

?  You must be Honest and Hard Working

? You must have offer of employment from a Canadian Employer

? You must have proof that you meet the Requirements of the Job

3. Documents Required for Work Permit

You Get  Canadian Work Permit you must Provide Copies of,

? Canadian Visit Visa

? Job Offer Letter from Canadian Employer

? Academic Certificates

4. Canadian Work Permit Fee and Charges:

Application Category $CAN

Work permit


Work permit – maximum fee for group of three or more performing artists and their staff.


Note: To be eligible for the maximum fee, a group of three or more performing artists and their staff must apply at the same time and same place. However, performing artists and their staff who also need a visa (temporary resident visa) still need to pay the appropriate fee for each individual. The maximum visa fee applies only to families.


5. Work Permit Procedure:

Note: Some jobs may not require a work permit.

Check out this list to find out if you need a work permit.

The first step is done by the employer who wishes to hire you. Your employer is responsible for applying for Labour Market Opinion (LMO), if necessary. Once the LMO is granted by ESDC, your Canadian employer can extend a temporary job offer to you by sending you a copy of the positive LMO along with the detailed job offer letter. With these documents, you can apply to HRSDC for a Canada Temporary Work Permit. A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer will issue the Canada Temporary Work Permit at the point of entry when you arrive in Canada.

Be aware that many Canadian visa offices have specific local instructions whose documents you must submit with your application. In this case, you can consult the list of Canadian visa offices abroad.

6. Check Visa Processing Time

Click Here to View Visa processing Time

7. Work Permit Extension:


Foreign workers | Work permit Extension

Learn how to extend your work permit.

Live-in caregivers | Work Permit Extension

Find out how to extend your work permit.

Permanent resident applicants | Work Permit Extension

If you are an economic class applicant whose work permit is due to expire, you may be eligible for an open work permit. This permit allows you to continue to work in Canada while you await a final decision on your permanent residence application. Find out how to get an open work permit.