Australia Visa Fee

Australia Visa Fee

Visa fees for Australia change according to the type of visa you are applying for, and since there are numerous visa types, it can be difficult to keep up with the specific fees.

For an Australia visa, you have to pay a base application fee and some additional charges, depending on which card you use for the payment.
Below you can find instructions on how to pay Australia visa fees and how much you have to pay.
Australia Visa Installment Charges
When applying for an Australian visa, applicants are required to pay the application fee in two installments. These installments have to be completed at different stages of the application process.

First Installment Visa Fee
The first installment includes four different fees:
• Base application fee.
• Additional applicant charge.
• Subsequent temporary application charge (only specific visas).
• Non-internet application charge (only specific cases).

The first installment should be completed when the initial visa application is submitted.

Second Installment Visa Fee
For some visa types, if the application is successful, you may have to pay a second installment before you can receive the visa. In cases where your visa is rejected or your application is withdrawn, you don’t have to complete the second installment. This fee varies from visa to visa and for some visa types it can be very high- the Australian authorities will notify you when it’s time to pay this fee.

How Much Does An Australia Visa Cost?
Here are the base application fees you have to pay for an Australia Visa:

*Please note that for holders of a previous visa (contributory parent visa), who apply for any of the other subclasses in this category, the visa fees will change accordingly. Contact the Immigration office to see about the fees you have to pay.

What Is The Additional Applicant Charge For Australia Visa?
The additional applicant visa fee is paid when you are applying for a visa with another applicant. On top of the base application fee (see above), you also have to make this additional payment.

The fee is different depending on your visa type, the age of the applicant, and whether you are in Australia at the time of the application.
These are the additional applicant fees you have to pay for some of the Australian visa types:

In cases where your visa type doesn’t require a base application fee, the additional applicant charge will be nil.
What Is A Subsequent Temporary Application Fee?
A subsequent temporary application fee is a visa charge that applicants have to pay for certain temporary Australian visas. This visa charge is paid alongside the base application fee when applicants apply for an Australian visa.
Who Has To Pay A Subsequent Temporary Application Fee?
This fee only applies to visa applicants who meet the following conditions:
• The applicant is in Australia at the time of the application.
• The applicant is applying for these temporary visas:
• Tourist Visa- subclass 600.
• Student Visas- subclass 500, 590.
• Training Visa- subclass 407.
• Work and Holiday Visa- subclass 462.
• Temporary Activity Visa- subclass 408.
• Temporary Skill Shortage Visa- subclass 482.
• The applicant is a holder of a previous Australia visa with the exception of bridging visas, criminal justice, or enforcement.
This additional charge is not applicable to visas that lead to permanent residency or long-term residence.

What Is A Non-Internet Application Charge?
A non-internet application charge for Australian visas is an application fee for applicants who fill in a paper application (not through the ImmiAccount). Additionally, applicants who also send their applications by post or courier fax have to pay this fee.

Non-Internet Application Charge Exemptions
Persons who apply for the following visa may be exempt from paying the non-internet application fee:
• Temporary Graduate Visa- subclass 485.
• Working Holiday Visa- subclass 417.
• Skilled- Recognised Graduate Visa- subclass 476.
• Resident Return Visa- subclass 155, 157.

How Do I Pay The Visa Application Fee For Australia?
You have to pay the visa charge online through the ImmiAccount. You can pay by using a credit card, PayPal, union pay, or Bpay. This is the last step you need to do before you submit your application.

The Immigration Office will accept these cards (with the surcharges) when you submit your payment:
• VISA- 1.40%.
• MasterCard (including Debit card)- 1.40%.
• American Express- 1.40%.
• Diners Club- 1.99%
• JCB- 1.40%.

Before you make your payment let your bank know in case they reject your deposit, you may also have to pay additional fees (bank or currency conversion). In addition to this, you can’t use more than one card to pay for the required visa fee, you must complete the payment in one transaction.
How Do I Pay The Visa Fee If I Submitted A Paper Application?

Even if you apply in person for a visa, the Australian Immigration Authorities prefer you submit your payment online through an ImmiAccount. However, if for some reason you can’t lodge an online payment, you have to contact the nearest Australian visa office to see about other methods of payment.
For a paper application, checks and cash payments won’t be accepted.

Will I Get A Refund If My Visa Application Is Rejected?
In cases of visa rejection, you won’t receive a refund of the application fee. However, if your visa is rejected you don’t have to pay the second installment. See what you can do if your visa request is denied.

What If I Paid The Wrong Amount For My Visa Application?
If you paid the wrong amount for the visa application, the Australian authorities cannot process your application until the correct amount of the first installment has been submitted. In case you’re not sure how much you have to pay, you can verify the amount here.

Changes In Visa Charges For Australia
It’s important to remember that the visa charges may increase or decrease depending on your specific circumstances when you apply for a visa. It’s up to the Department of Foreign Affairs to let you know if you have to pay less or more for your visa application.

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa Fees
Visitors with an Electronic Travel Authority don’t have to pay any visa fees. There is a service charge for the application, which is AUD20.
Important: Please note that these are the current fees, and these fees change annually.