Visit Melbourne Attractive Places

Visit Melbourne Attractive Places 

Visit Melbourne Attractive Places 

Melbourne has been a center of attraction for the world since first gold mine was discovered there. Now a day, Melbourne is the place, having the maximum number of visitors from all over the world due to its attractive places. Melbourne is the city for all seasons and people with the diverse cultural background. It is also known as a culinary capital of Australia because of the fame of its hotel all around the world. Moreover, there are hundreds of places that attract the tourist and many places still show the architecture of Victorian culture. Here are the few of these attractive places.  

Royal Botanic Garden

Lying with the edge of the Yarra River, these gardens are a true symbol of natural beauty and the place receiving the maximum number of tourists. The gardens were established in 1846 covering the area more than 40 hectares and diverse botanic life in counts of thousands. These gardens are an epic botanic view and a natural sculpture. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground

One of the ancient buildings of the state, with the seating capacity of 100,000. The place has many perks one the most important one is about being the birthplace of test cricket. On a daily basis, 75 minutes are dedicated for visitors in order to give them a thorough visit of the place. 

South bank and Arts center

Lying beside the bank of the Yarra River, this place is of great worth for foreign tourists. There are numerous indoor and outdoor cafes, restaurants and live entertainment spots. At the very location, an exhibition related to Arts and crafts is held every Sunday. This area has a maximum number of theaters in the state and some of these are State Theater, Playhouse, and Fairfax Theater. 

Eureka Tower

This tower is a masterpiece of creativity and architecture comprising of 91 stories above the ground. It was named after a rebellious moment in 1854. The most classic view of the spot is a glass cube that is held almost 3 meters from the building. 

Melbourne Museum

This purpose built the museum is a house of a diverse collection of cultural and heritage arts and is one of the worthiest places to visit. The gallery also comprises of a variety of activities that engage children. Another perk of visiting this land is a tour to an adjacent building of the museum. The building named as Royal Exhibition building was constructed in 1880. Regular tours of both of these buildings are also available. 

Melbourne Zoo

One of the most attractive places in Melbourne is the Melbourne Zoo. Spread on about 22 hectares and sheltering more than 320 species, the zoo is built with modern facilities and is a very charming place. Melbourne Zoo offers many innovative experiences. To be precise, Melbourne is not only famous for its appetizing dishes and drinks there is a variety of places that are worth to visit. Only a few attractive places of the state are mentioned above yet there is a lot more to watch and one can visit this place by having a tourist visa.