Australia Training Visa

Australia Training Visa

Australia Training Visa

Australian Training Visa | Subclass 402 | Overview | Training | Eligibility | Documents Required | Fee | Application |

1. Overview of Australia Student Visa:
If you like to get Professional Training in Australia then you must get Sub Class 402 Training Visa of Australia.

Training Visa ( Sub Class 402 ) allows you to,
? Get Professional Training in Australia.
? Participate in Australian Research development Program.

2. Eligibility for Training Visa(Subclass 402):

To Get Sub Class 402 Training Visa of Australia,
? You must be 18 and above Eighteen Years of Age
? You must be Citizen of any Country
? You must have valid passport of your Country
? You must have Funds for your entire Stay
? You must be Healthy
? You must be Law Abiding Citizen
? You must have Required Documents

3. Documents Required for Training Visa:
To get the Sub Class 402 Visa of Australia you must Provide
A) Personal Documents:
? Certified Copy of your nation Identity card
? Certified Copies your Valid passport
? Certified Copy of your birth Certificate.

B) Financial Evidence:
? Your Bank statement of 90 Days telling that you have enough Money for Entire stay in Australia.
? Official Letter from your Financial institution/ Bank

C) Relation Documents:
? Certified Copy of your Marriage Certificate if you are married
? Certified Copies of Birth Certificates of your Children

D) Professional Documents:
? Invitation Letter from your Sponsor from Australia stating that they are Satisfied.
? Official letter from your Company stating your Responsibilities.
? Certified Copies of your Educational Certificates.

E) Austrian Documents:
? Completely filled Application Form
? Fee Slip of Visa fee payment
? Download Australian Visa Application Form for Training

4. Fee for Training Visa (Sub Class 402):
Note: The Charges mentioned below are in Australian Dollars:
Visa subclass Note Base application charge Non-internet application charge Additional applicant charge
18 and over Additional applicant charge under 18

Occupational Trainee stream (Subclass 402)
– $360 N/A $180 $90

Research stream (Subclass 402)
– $360 N/A $180 $90

Professional Development stream (Subclass 402)
– $360 N/A N/A* N/A*

5. What you can do with Sub Class 402 Visa of Australia:

With Training Visa ( Sub Class 402) of Australia ,
A) You can enter Australia anytime
B) You can go anywhere in Australia
C) You can stay in Australia till your training
D) You can travel from Australia to your Home Country and return until the Visa is valid.

6. Validity of Sub Class (402) Australian Visa:
? You can stay in Australia for up to 2 Years.
? The maximum Validity of Sub Class 402 Visa is 2 Years depending on your Training Program.

7. Important Term and Condition:
? You are responsible for your Health in Australia. You will be not given Free treatment in Australia except if the Government of Country has Health Agreement with your Country to facilitate their Citizens in Australia.
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