Latvia Visa

Latvia Visa

Latvia Visa

Latvia Visa Information:

Latvia: The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918. Its state symbols have survived through a century of nation building, wars, occupations and liberations. They embody the history, culture and values of those who have lived here by the Baltic Sea for thousands of years. The oak tree, amber, water and land are just some of the many natural symbols that appear in Latvian designs and decorations.  

Countries whose citizens may enter Latvia without a visa

(duration of stay in Latvia without entry visa – 90 days every six months, from the first day of entry)  

Andorra Lithuania
Argentina Liechtenstein
Australia Luxembourg
Austria Macao
Belgium Malaysia  
Brazil Malta
Brunei Mexico
Bulgaria Monaco
Canada Netherlands
Czech Republic New Zealand
Chile Nicaragua
Costa Rica Norway
Croatia Panama
Cyprus Paraguay
Denmark Poland
El Salvador Portugal
Estonia Romania
France San Marino
Finland Singapore
Germany Slovakia
Greece Slovenia
Guatemala Spain
Honduras South Korea
Hong Kong Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
Ireland The Holy See
Iceland United Kingdom
Israel United States
Italy Uruguay
Japan Venezuela

EU “white list” countries EU member states EEA member states   Third-country nationals who are family members of an EU, EEA, or the Swiss Confederation (hereinafter – “Union”) national and are holders of a valid residence permit of a family member of a Union’s national issued by a Union’s member state can enter Latvia without a visa and stay in the country for a period up to 90 days, counting from the first day of entry.         Persons, who use as a travel document:


  • United Nations passport
  • European Commission passport
  • Vatican passport

may enter Latvia without entry visa and stay for 90 days every six months, from the first day of entry



Countries, whose holders of diplomatic or service passports may enter Latvia without a visa and stay for 90 days every six months, from the first day of entry

  • Armenia for diplomatic and service/official passports holders
  • Turkey for diplomatic, service/official and special passports holders
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for diplomatic passports holders
  • Ukrainefor diplomatic passports holders
  • Russia for diplomatic passports holders
  • Peru for diplomatic and special passports holders

* visa-free regime for diplomatic passport holders is governed by inter-governmental agreement on mutual travel of citizensClick here for Latvia Visa Information