Madagascar Visa

Madagascar Visa

Madagascar Visa

Madagascar Visa Information:
Madagascar is  situated  About 200 miles off the coast of Africa, across the Mozambique Channel in the south Indian Ocean. Astride the Tropic of Capricorn, between 12 (degrees) and 24 (degrees) latitude south and 43 (degrees) and 50 (degrees) longitude east, Madagascar covers 228,880 square miles. 


     One month single entry: One month multpile entry: Three month single entry: Three month multiple entry:$33.45 (USD) $39.01 (USD) $33.45 (USD) $39.01 (USD)
     – Valid passport – Passport photograph – Completed application form – Copy of round-trip ticket or itinerary

Documents required:

Items to be enclosed with the completed form are as below:

    • One passport photograph

  •  Copy of air itinerary

  •  Passport (There must be at least one blank page in your passport for the visa stamp; passports must also be valid for six months beyond application date.)

  •  $33.45 visa fee / one entry. Multiple entry: $39.01 Payment by money order or check, payable to: Monique Rodriguez/Madagascar Visa

  •  Appropriate postage for the Consul to return your passport by Federal Express, UPS or Express Mail. Please include your address and telephone number

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