Saint Helena Visa

Saint Helena Visa

Saint Helena Visa

Saint Helena Visa Information:

Saint Helena, named after St. Helena of Constantinople, is an island of volcanic origin and a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. The territory consists of the island of Saint Helena, as well as the dependencies of Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha.  

    Saint Helena is famous for being the place of exile of Napoleon Bonaparte between 1815 and his death in 1821. Longwood House, where Napoleon stayed, and Sane Valley where he was buried, were given to the French government in 1858.

Persons without St Helenian Status

The St Helena Government welcomes visitors and, subject to certain conditions, those who intend to make their future lives on the Island, particularly those married to or in a stable long-term relationship with a resident with ’St Helenian status’.

Short -Term Visitors

Yacht crews and passengers of other vessels disembarking will be issued with a visitors pass for a period not exceeding three months; a landing fee of £11.00 is charged for persons twelve years and over.  Children under twelve years are exempted.  All visitors must produce proof of Medical Insurance if their stay on the island is longer than forty-eight hours.  Failing to produce evidence of medical insurance visitors have an option of purchasing medical insurance locally to cover them for their period of stay on St Helena.  Any person wishing or intending to stay longer than three months must submit an application to the Immigration Control Board for an Entry Permit.

Long-term Visitors

Such visitors should on arrival make known their intentions and will generally be given a Visitor’s Pass for a period of not exceeding three months providing that they can demonstrate:

(a) that they have their own home on the Island or that they are staying with relatives or have made arrangements for paid accommodation for the period; and
(b) that they have adequate medical insurance cover.

However, those envisaging a stay of over three months from the outset are advised to consider applying for an Entry Permit.  An Entry Permit is issued for a period of up to a maximum of 5 years, especially where the applicant is a spouse or common law partner of someone with ’St Helenian status’. However, the Entry Permit may be made conditional on the maintenance of medical insurance cover. An Entry Permit is suitable for those who would like to retire on St Helena or who are in a relationship with a St Helenian or other person with permission to stay on the Island. Entry Permits are also suitable for those undertaking longer-term study on St Helena, and the following will be taken into account when considering an application:  

(a) the financial means and health of the applicant
(b) his character and antecedents
(c) hardship which he or his family may suffer if the application is refused
(d) the public interest.


Persons without ’St Helenian status’ (other than officials in the service of the Crown, spouses of St Helenians, consular officers, and crew of ships regularly visiting St Helena) entering St Helena to work require a Work Permit. “Employment” and “Work” in either instance means to carry on or to be employed in any profession, trade, business or vocation for gain or reward, whether as an employee, agent or director or other officer of a corporate body, or as a self-employed person, in partnership or otherwise.

A Work Permit will be granted where the balance of advantage is that it would be of benefit to the economy of St Helena, account being taken, as appropriate, of the introduction of skills not available on the Island. An applicant for a Work Permit must demonstrate that adequate living accommodation for himself and his family, where applicable, has been or is being arranged. The immediate family of applicants for Work Permits may be considered simultaneously for Dependant’s Passes and the duration of such passes will normally be the same as that for the Work Permit.

A Work Permit will normally be issued for periods of up to 5 years validity and may be renewed so long as the conditions of its issue are met. Work Permits essential to inward investment are considered according to criteria laid down in the Approved Investor Policy and may be granted by the Governor in Council for periods longer than 5 years. They will be considered for renewal for similar periods where the original conditions can be met.

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