Samoa Visa

Samoa Visa

Samoa Visa

Samoa Visa Information:

Visitor Services The Government of Samoa welcomes all genuine visitors to Samoa and the role of Samoa Immigration is to help make travel to and from Samoa as easy as possible.   

 As such, visitors to Samoa (ie. tourists) are not required to obtain an entry permit prior to travelling to Samoa, as a sixty (60) day permit is issued upon arrival. There are a number of requirements that must be met before the permit is issued, which are detailed in the Entry Requirements section below.  US Nationals ordinarily resident in American Samoa visiting Samoa have seperate requirements. They are ineligible for the Visitor Permit. Please see the information below. Any individual interested in staying in Samoa for purposes other than tourism or visiting must apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. Please see our Permit Services section for full details of all the available permits.

Entry Requirements

There are a number of key requirements that each traveller to Samoa must meet before they will be granted entry to the country. Each visitor to Samoa must:

  • have a return or onward ticket;
  • possess a passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months after the intended date of departure from Samoa;
  • have a valid visa or permit for entry into the country to which they will travel from Samoa;
  • state their accommodation arrangements, be they holiday accommodation such as a hotel or resort or with family or friends (specifically the village and family name);
  • have documented evidence of sufficient funds for self-support (typically a copy of a bank statement);
  • have no record or deportation from other countries;
  • have no health problems that would pose a risk to Samoa;
  • have no history of criminal charges resulting in a minimum of one year of sentencing; and
  • not be on any alert or warning lists.

Extending a Visitor Permit

Persons wishing to extend their stay beyond the sixty days covered by a Visitor Permit must apply for an extension to the permit. All applications must be made at the Immigration office in Apia, Samoa before the Visitor Permit expires. Anyone interested in applying for an extension of their Visitor Permit can learn more.

Requirements for US Nationals

US Nationals ordinarily resident in American Samoa who wish to visit Samoa must obtain a 30 day single entry permit or a multiple entry permit. No other permit type is valid for visits to Samoa. US Nationals interested in travelling to Samoa should review the full details of the 30 day permits. US Nationals wishing to reside in Samoa for the purposes covered by the available Temporary Resident permits, should apply for those permits as necessary. Click here for Samoa Visa Information