Saudi Arabia Visa

Saudi Arabia Visa

Saudi Arabia Visa


1. Over View of Saudi Arab Visit Visa

You will need Family Visa of Saudi Arabia if you want to Visit Saudi Arabia with Family.

Note: You can only Visit Saudi Arabia with your Family.

2. Eligibility for Saudi Arabia Visit Visa:

? You must have Valid passport of your Country

? You must have Money for your Entire Stay

? You must have Family.

? You must be healthy.

? You must be a law abiding Citizen

3. Documents Required for Visa:

Visa Documents


Passport Requirements

Original , authorized passport valid for half a year beyond live in Saudi Arabia , with no less than 2 blank adjacent passport pages available for Saudi visa stamp and Saudi entrance stamps . Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not appropriate for a Saudi Arabia visa .

Saudi Arabian Visa Form

 1 original Saudi Arabia visa application per candidate correctly completed and signed , in addition 1 duplicate . Incorrectly generated Saudi Visa Application forms can stop the processing of your Saudi Arabian visa .

Photo Requirements

1 recent 2 x 2 passport Size Coloured  photograph with a Plain/white background.

Invitation Letter from Saudi Arabia:

Document certified by both the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . The invitation must include inviting company’s location and type of business . In addition , it must clearly state the applicant’s name , nationality , position , length of visa , purpose of travel , and number of entries needed . The registration number of the Host must be printed on the invitation Letter .

4. Fee for Saudi Arabian Visa:Fees and chargesVisa Fee for US Citizens:

The visa fee for Citizens of United States of America.

is $108 U .S dollars

Visa Fee for Non US Citizens:

The visa fee for non-U .S . passport holders the fee is $54 U .S . dollars for a single entry in Saudi Arabia.

 Visa Fee for Multiple Entries in Saudi Arabia:

The Visa Fee for Non US Citizens for Multiple visits to Saudi Arabia during Valid Visa Time is $134 US Dollars.


5. Special Instructions for Visitors:

? Tourists must not overstay the period allowed by the visa .

? Travelers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must abide by the country’s Islamic laws and Policies and honor its society’s values and traditions .

? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s laws and regulations against drug trafficking are strictly enforced . Violators are eligible for severe punishment , which can often include the death penalty .

6. Apply Online for Visa of Saudi Arabia visa-application

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